Beneath the Boddhi Tree


Beneath the bodhi tree,

Still see myself in this,

And this in me

Delving deeply

Into loamy earth,

Still skyward,

Stretching to embrace ashvattha birth

Shading stricken eyes

From blinding sun,

Still filtering light,

Allowing me to see that all is one

Instructed by intent,

I trace these intertwining limbs,

Still seamless in their course,

Back to the end where it begins

Sheltering this mind

From self-wrought griefs,

Still whispering serene secrets

Through its leaves

Flowering in the first season,

Ripening in the second,

Releasing sweet figs in the third,

Returning to its bareness in the fourth

Playing the cosmic quartet

Of its life,

Still equanimously dancing

To the song of joy and strife

Resting in this haven,

May I be

Still in the bodhi tree,

And it in me