Spiritual Guidance


We are the same Consciousness, yet each awakening journey is unique. Consciousness is the teacher, and the guide is an empty vessel, setting personality aside, so the light of Consciousness can shine through. May you find the treasure of your true self, hidden within.

The truth of the Self cannot come through one
Who has not realized that he is the Self.
The intellect cannot reveal the Self,
Beyond its duality of subject
And object. Those who see themselves in all
And all in them help others through spiritual
Osmosis to realize the Self themselves.

- Katha 1.2:8

I provide guidance sessions, but also am happy to answer questions or point you to resources that will help in your spiritual journey.

there is a force within
which gives you life
seek that

in your body
lies a priceless gem
seek that

o wandering soul
if you want to find
the greatest treasure
don't look outside
look inside, and seek that.

- Rumi



I have had two conversations with Jim/Moksha and both sessions were incredibly insightful. I was able to connect some dots that I was pondering for a while, and Jim really made me appreciate the importance and significance of our own presence. It was a pleasure to speak to him, and I believe even just being in the presence of someone like Jim who speaks from his own direct experience of insight is invaluable.

- Raptorsin7


You don't know this, but I pin a lot of your posted advice on my wall. Such deep and sage advice. I actually sat up and took note back when I first joined in Oct 2020. Thank you for all that you offer here 🙏

- Melissa


I am very glad and honoured to have met such a wise and inspiring person like Jim (Moksha). Alone by reading his timeless wisdom and healing advice one has the feeling of coming closer to the Truth. One can sense that he sought and found. He found, what people call inner Peace with a capital P, Happiness with a capital H and Truth with a capital T. This feeling of groundedness is permeating his guidance and because of that one’s suffering is diminishing just by interacting with him. He is doing an amazing job by helping many spiritual seekers and answering all of their existential questions. So if you need any guidance or just want one of your burning questions answered then don’t hesitate to contact Moksha. He will be a big help on your spiritual journey towards Being. 

- Dove of Peace

If you would like to connect, you can either complete the Contact form, or email me directly.